Wellness Care

Preventative medicine is important to having a healthy pet and we recommend yearly exams.

Just as you need to visit the doctor for regular checkups, your pets need wellness care visits to track the status of their health. When you bring your cat or dog in for a wellness exam, you are helping maintain their wellbeing and providing an opportunity for our vet to detect potential abnormalities in your furry friend. If you’re looking for reliable wellness care services in San Antonio, Oakwell Farms, Oak Park, and the surrounding areas, Northwood Animal Hospital will make you and your pet feel like family.

Our Wellness Care Services

Our staff at Northwood Animal Hospital strive to ensure your pet has a comfortable and safe experience.

Staff cuddling with dog

During their appointment, you can expect your pet to receive a specialized exam depending on their age and condition. Each fur baby will receive a full-body physical exam where we will palpate your pet’s entire body and feel for any abnormalities. Following this, we will monitor their internal organs through the use of stethoscopes. These help us check for heart, lung, or other internal issues.

Following our basic exam, we might offer you vaccines for your pet depending on their stage in life. For example, if they are young or in for a yearly visit, they may require vaccines. Another specialized service we offer is senior pet care. When your animals age, they can develop cognitive and degenerative health issues that can cause pain or a shortened life. With senior care, we offer special treatments and look out for illnesses that specifically relate to older lives. Our team also provides microchipping. Microchips are small chips that contain a pet owner’s information. These chips are inserted, similar to a vaccine, between your fur baby’s shoulder blades. If they manage to escape or run away, you’ll have a better chance of reuniting with them with a microchip.

Wellness Care in San Antonio

Pet wellness exams are vital to your dog or cat’s health. For reliable and in-depth wellness exams in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, Northwood Animal Hospital is the top choice. Our compassionate and educated staff will make your furry friend feel like absolute royalty. To schedule an appointment for a wellness exam for your dog or cat, call us today.

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